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Located in North Carolina, Fox Aussies is in the heart of the Foothills. As a hobby breeder, we take pride in producing quality standard Australian Shepherds. No matter if you are looking for the perfect family pet or service companion, Fox Aussies works hard in matching you and your family with the perfect furry friend.

Visitation Rules 

Please do not make an appointment to visit our farm if you have recently visited other kennels. For the health of our pets , visitations are made by appointment only. Before deposits are accepted our contract must be signed and returned. All parameters of the contract must be agreed to and accepted before any monies are transferred. I reserve the right to refuse any visitors . 

 Please visit our policies and FAQ's page for more details. 

Breed Info:
  • Activity Level: High

  • Trainability: Moderate

  • Adaptability: High

  • Kid/Pet Friendly: Often

  • Average Size: Medium

  • Average Lifespan: 12-15 Years

Country of Origin:United States
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Fox Aussies is forever appreciative for our amazing photographer Lyn Johnson with madeyoulookphotography. Over the years Lyn has captured many of our most cherished moments. In January of 2020, Fox's Midnight In Montgomery's photo was selected to be published in a magazine called The Ardent Lens 

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This recognition distinguishes those breeders who demonstrate a commitment to prioritizing the health of their dogs by performing the “Good” level of health testing on their breeding dogs as outlined in our Australian Shepherd health testing guidelines.