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Meet the Breeder.

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Hello there and welcome to Fox Aussies! My name is Katie Fox. I was born and raised in North Carolina with the love and passion for animals. Every member of my family has one thing in common, the dedication and appreciation of farm life. Most everyone has heard the old saying, "Were you raised in a barn?" In fact, I was! I grew up spending the majority of my time grooming, feeding and caring for all the animals on our farms. 

My family always supported my love of horses and dogs. I started competing on the show circuit at a young age. I spent years traveling the country and my dogs were with me every step of the way. My most loyal companions throughout my life's adventures have always been my dogs. When I graduated collage, I purchased a farm located in Harmony, North Carolina. Although I live on a farm, all of my puppies are raised with love in my home. I have sacrificed many nights sleep, cried countless tears and enjoyed many smiles these sweet pups have given me. Being a breeder is no easy task, but I will always have a passion for these lovely Fox Aussies. 

Before my time...

Kt & ladd.jpg
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and before I could walk...

my passion began.

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My Goal. 

To continue my passion of producing healthy, well-socialized puppies that have all of the necessary components for being a great family companion.

Where to next?


Tel: 704-682-1389

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