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Passion drives perfection. 

Fox Aussies does not accept any outside breeding's. 

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Extensive testing is done on parents to ensure the best possibility of a healthy life. Health clearances are a great start to bettering  and continuing our favorite  breed. Ensuring only healthy adults are bred, gives the best chance to produce healthy and happy puppies. Testing saves owners hundreds, if not thousands, on vet bills and testing that may come later in life.

The personality of a dog is as important as the overall health and the appearance of a dog.  We strive to produce dogs with exceptional temperaments who will succeed as competitors, ​ companions and can also keep up with any adventure or personal interest of owners. All of our dams live here at Fox Aussies, where we are greeted with love and loyalty from them everyday.  Australian Shepherds are very versatile dogs due to their ability to fit in a variety of settings. They are known to make exceptional service dogs, therapy dogs, work on the farm, agility and simply an all-around great pet. 



MMa Birds of Paradise

AKC Registered

MMA Birds of Paradise 2.jpg

Ashton's Silver Lining

AKC Registered


Fox's Got Your Six

AKC Registered

Fox's Got Your Six.png

Fox's Texas Waya Walkin


Fox'S Seven Miles South 

AKC Registered

Fox's LilLian

AKC Registered

lillian 2.jpg

Fox's Elly Mays Keepin Daddy's Name 

AKC Registered


WV Wonderful Weeping Willow

ASCA/ AKC Registered

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