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  • Puppies will be up to date on age appropriate vaccinations and de-wormings prior to going to their new homes.  You will be given information on when your puppy should receive its next vaccinations according veterinary recommendations.

  • Every puppy requires regular deworming under the advice of your Veterinarian.  All puppies are susceptible to Roundworms, Hookworms, Tapeworms, Whip-worms and others. Your puppy will be seen by a Veterinarian twice, prior to puppy being placed. 

  • Please be aware and remind your Veterinarian that some Aussies can have sensitivities to some medications including some Heartworm medications.


  • We do DNA health testing on our dogs for multiple genetic disorders to ensure you are receiving and we are producing the healthiest puppy possible! 

  •  A licensed veterinarian does all of our vet work including vaccinations, tail/dew claw docking, health exams and any surgical procedures needed. 

  • Our dogs and puppies have a home for life, meaning if at anytime owners are no longer able to care for them for any reason they are welcome to come back here no questions asked.

  • Each puppy is given a health exam by our veterinarian prior to going to their new home. To the best of my knowledge, each puppy is in healthy and sound condition at the time of sale. Buyer is required to have a licensed veterinarian administer remaining vaccinations needed to protect puppy from disease. Parvo and distemper vaccines must be given at 4 week intervals following first vaccines given by my veterinarian. 

  • Seller is not financially responsible for the puppy once it leaves the care of Fox Aussies. 

  • Seller can not be responsible for Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) or the effects of any stress related illness due to travel/rehoming.​ 

  • ​All puppies/dogs are sold as pet quality only unless otherwise specified.

  • All dogs are registered as Australian Shepherds and are not eligible or permitted to be taken to or registered as another breed (Miniature American Shepherd). 

  • If you are buying a breeding prospect, you are only permitted to breed the dog with another purebred standard Australian Shepherd. Fox Aussies does not support any breeding program that uses crossbred dogs. 

  • All puppies are started on Nuvet at 5 weeks old. Puppies are required to be kept on Nuvet for one year.



Forms of Payment .

Fox Aussies chooses to accept most major credit cards, PayPal, cash and Venmo for deposits. 

Cash is accepted at pick up, no exceptions. 


Can you tell me how to place a deposit on a puppy I have found on your website or Facebook that says "Available"?

  • When you want to place a deposit on a puppy that you see is "Available", please call 704-682-1389. We will be glad to speak with you and go over our expectations and contract. 

I want to place a deposit on a litter that isn't born yet . How does that work?

  • When you place a deposit on a puppy from a upcoming litter, your name will be submitted on our list.  Then you will have the option to pick a puppy of your choice , in the order your deposit was received.  The list is updated when deposits are received and in hand.  If we have available puppies that are currently not spoken for, you will be allowed to pick a puppy at any time.

  • When you are placed on our deposit list, this means you will have to select a puppy early. This allows the rest of the people on the list to make their picks in a timely manner.  When you make you pick , this puppy will be marked as "SOLD", but will not leave or change possession until paid in full.  If it is your turn to pick a puppy, and you are unable to do so in a timely manner, your reservation will move down to the next spot on the list.

  • We do not reserve or hold a puppy without a deposit. 

What if the color and sex I want is not produced and I have given a deposit? 

  • All deposits are considered non refundable. However, than can be rolled to another litter (up to a year from being received ). We do not reserve or hold a puppy without a deposit. 

How much is a puppy? 

  • Prices are for Pet/Companions with Limited Registration with any registry.  A Spay/Neuter Contract is required to be signed and sent back before any pup will be reserved.  Please contact us for information on pricing of puppies as they will not be advertised. 

When can my puppy come home with me? 

  • Puppies will be allowed to go to their new homes after 7 weeks of age. Once a puppy is chosen and reserved, we require the puppy be picked up by 8 weeks of age or additional charges will be applied.  

  • We do not ship our puppies! If we do, it is on a limited and case by case basis. 


What if something comes up and I cannot keep my dog? 

  • Life happens and if at any time you are unable to keep a pup/dog, we are to be contacted before the puppy is placed to another home. Under no circumstances shall a pup/dog be released or surrendered to an Animal Shelter, Humane Society, or Rescue Group.

Can my puppy keep his/her tail? 

  • ASCA and AKC states that The Australian Shepherd has a docked tail.  Occasionally we are asked to leave the tail. This can be done if you are able to pay for your puppy in full at that time. Dewclaws are removed from all pups as it is for the better health of the pup.


We know it is a special and important to new puppy owners to have pictures of the puppies. We try to take them at least once a week. This does not always happen. Please be patient as we will send them to you when we can. The first pictures are taken between 5 days after birth date. The second round of pictures are not until their eyes are open.  Thereafter, we do try to send pictures regularly if time allows. 

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